Tourist information office

VVV Alkmaar Tourist Information

31 March 2017 - 31 March 2018

When you visit Alkmaar, VVV Alkmaar will ofcourse be the place to start your visit.We love to tell you what cannot be missed when you visit our beautiful and monumental Cheesecity. You will find us in one of Alkmaar's greatest icons, the Weighing building. From april - september, the famous Cheesemarket takes place on Fridays, right in front of us! In our spacious shop, you will find a wide variety of Alkmaar- and Cheesesouvenirs. Ofcourse you will find information on the region and giftcards here. Welcome in Alkmaar!

Tourist information office

VVV Informationpoint Huis van Hilde


Directly next to the trainstation in Castricum, you will find the Huis van Hilde. This museum not only offers you a great overview on the ...

Tourist information office

VVV-Tourist Informationpoint Bezoekerscentrum Schoorlse Duinen


This visitor's centre is the perfect start when you want to explore the beautiful Dune area in and around Schoorl. But not only you will find ...

Tourist information office

VVV Tourist Information Boekhandel Dekker & Dekker


In the centre of Egmond aan Zee, you will find Boekhandel (Bookstore) Dekker and Dekker. Besides a wide range of books, magazines and international ...

Tourist information office

VVV Informatiepunt Kranenburgh Bergen


tourist information for the region

Tourist information office

VVV-Infopoint Pekelharinghaven Medemblik

3 March 2017 - 15 April 2018

Get your information at the VVV informationoffice at Pekelharinghaven in the port of Medemblik. Here, you will find a variety of brochures, maps, ...

Tourist information office

VVV Tourist Information Bikeshop Egmond


In the Bikeshop, you will find a wide range of touristic information: free leaflets about the whole area and also maps, bicycleroutes, etc. Do you ...

Tourist information office

Toeristisch informatiepunt De Wieringer Boekhandel


Tourist information office

Tourist office De Rijp

14 April 2017 - 29 October 2017

Information on Graft-De Rijp and the surrounding area is available in our shop. We offer information on accommodation, museum leaflets, brochures of ...

Tourist information office

VVV Enkhuizen e.o.

1 January  2017 - 31 March 2017

At VVV Enkhuizen you can find information about sights, museums, excursions, bicycle and hiking maps, city walks, books, postcards and original ...

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