The best cheese is made in Noord-Holland

Beemster cheeseThe world famous Beemster cheeses are made in the Beemster polder by CONO Cheesemakers, a cooperative of over 475 family farmers. A small sized cooperative where we make cheese in a traditional way with only one objective: ‘Make the best cheese in the world’.

Beemster is proud to make part of the rich history of the Beemster polder. A beautiful region which was created centuries ago by human hands and which now is the nourishing ground for the rich grass where our cows make the best milk from Netherlands of it.

Beemster’s cheese curds are stirred and raked by hand during cheese making. Beemster is the only coop left in Holland which still uses this artisan technique in cheese making. This way of manufacturing and the fact that the Beemster cows are allowed to graze outside and eat the highest quality of grass make that Beemster's cheese tastes great!

Do you want to know more about CONO cheesemakers or Beemster kaas? Please visit their website!