Tulip Season

It’s here again! Tulip time!

At a rapid pace the fields around us transform into a brightly coloured patchwork where you can smell the most divine fragrances. Along the way you will find small stalls where you can buy beautiful bouquets of fresh tulips. You can also find parades and flower mosaics everywhere in our region. The spring is one of the most beautiful times to discover our region. Hop on a bike and cycle past the magnificent fields along our bulb route. Would you prefer to travel by car or do you rely on public transport? Enjoying these striking flower displays is also easy by bus or car. For example, drive from Alkmaar to Egmond and then turn off towards Bergen. Magnificent colour is guaranteed.


Not only tulips are responsible for the beautiful, richly coloured fields. Hyacinths can also be found and moreover smelled everywhere now. From Saturday 5 May to Friday 11 May the flower days in Limmen take place and you can admire the works of art created by the floral teams on different routes.


Are you looking for a beautiful flower garden, but would prefer something different to the Keukenhof? Then visit Hortus Bulborum in Limmen. Hortus Bulborum is the only bulb garden in the world where over 4,000 different types of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other traditional spring flowering bulbs blossom. You can still visit this unique garden until 16 May.


Have you marvelled at all those magnificent colours and want to find out more about that special tulip? Then be sure to visit Land van Fluwel. Experience the wonderful journey of the tulip in this panoramic park. And as a lovely bonus, you will pass the beautiful bulb fields again on the way.